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Date Title Speaker
"Why, GDPR...what big teeth you've got!"

"Set the Workforce to Stun"

"Not another Cyber Security Scheme! The Changing Threat Landscape
and How Industry, Governments & Regulators Need to React to Them"
Rowenna Fielding
Data Protection Lead

Dulcie McLerie
Account Director
Eskenzi PR

Ian Glover

"Keep your friends close and your Enemies Closer:
Social Engineering, Insider Threats and Smiling Assassins"

"ELK, Desperately Seeking Ashley"

"Almost all you needed to know about GDPR
but were too afraid to ask..."
Jenny Radcliffe
Social Engineer/Head of Training
Jenny Radcliffe Training

Arron "finux" Finnon
Chief Technical Officer
Krohn and Partners

Jonathan Armstrong

"Crisis PR"

"Continuity & Integrity of Electronic Evidence"

"Challenging Infosec students to be employable"
Neil Stinchcombe, Co-Founder & Director
Eskenzi PR

Tony Noble
TN Specialist Training Ltd

Colin McLean
Lecturer in Ethical Hacking
Abertay University, Dundee

"Demystifying the Dark Web"

"Technology alone can't prevent phishing attacks from
escalating into full-blown breaches"

"Is that a Pwn Plug in your pocket?"
James Chappell, CTO & Founder
Digital Shadows

Andy Sceats
Managing Director, International Sales

Peter Wood
First Base Technologies

"How to get the most out of cyber insurance
- a focus on claims"

"Senario Analytics: finding the unknown knowns in your data"

"What is your fridge thinking?"
Neil Hare-Brown, CEO
STORM Guidance

Andrew Lea
Technical Director
Primary Key Associates

Mike McLaughlin
Senior Penetration Tester
& Technical Team Lead
First Base Technologies

"Keynote: CREST Update"

"Dance Band on the Titanic: The Data Loss Iceberg Principle"

"Insider Threats: Real Problems & Real Solutions"
Ian Glover, President

Richard Hollis
Risk Factory

Peter Wood
First Base Technologies

"Big Daddy Digs Big Data"

"Cyber Insurance: The Need for Risk Transfer"

"Lessons from a Red Team Exercise"
Richard Hollis, Director
Risk Crew & Risk Factory

Julie Donkin
Director Cyber & Tech Division
Ashley Page Insurance Brokers

Peter Wood
First Base Technologies

03/2015 "Conventional Defence to Unconventional Threats"

"The Return of the Analogies Project"

"Threat Intelligence-Based Defence: A New Approach to Security"
Professor John Walker, CTO

Bruce Hallas
Founder, The Analogies Project
Director,Marmalade Box

Alonso Silva
Technical Manager
Tempest Security Intelligence

12/2014 "Security the Chain: Pragmatic 3rd Party
Supplier Risk Management"

"Intelligent Homes: Convenience at what cost?"

"Front Line Awareness"

"Horizon 2020-Dark to Light: How TOR and wholesale crypto
defeated the hackers"

"The Wax Switch"
Richard Hollis, Director
The Risk Factory

Adam Westbrooke
Produce Director, In Home Technology
Ovo Energy

Tony Noble
Mainstream Cybercrime Coordinator
& Chris Simpson
Head of Cybercrime Training
College of Policing

Neil Hare-Brown, CEO
Storm Guidance

Prof John Walker, CTO

10/2014 "Top Issues in IT Security"

"Staff Security Awareness - What Works and What Doesn't"
Roundtable Discussion
faciliated by Peter Wood
First Base Technologies

Peter Wood
First Base Technologies

03/2014 "Cyber Security and Apollo 13
(let's look at this from a position of status…)"

"Identity in Tomorrow's World"

"Risk-Based Security"
Martin Smith MBE
Chairman & Founder
The Security Company(Int) Ltd

Rob Leslie
Founder & CEO

Peter Wood,
First Base Technologies

12/2013 "Finux's Historical Tour Of IDS Evasion, Insertions,
and Other Oddities"

"Smart Metering: a new secure national data infrastructure?"

"In at the Deep End - How the Deep Web is a threat to
your business"
Arron 'finux' Finnon,
Consultant Researcher,
Alba13 Research Labs

Adam Westbrooke
Scaled Insight

John Dunne,
Manager, National Information Systems,
Grant Thornton

10/2013 "I'm Secure because I'm PCI compliant"

"Case Study: Vulnerability Scanning Project"

"Roundtable discussion: embedding security in the business"
Mike McLaughlin,
Senior Penetration Tester,
First Base Technologies

Vladimir Jirasek
Jirasek Security Consulting

Peter Wood,
First Base Technologies

06/2013 "Getting a Grip on Mobile Devices"

"A look at a real APT / Nation State sponsored
cyber attack"

"2020 Vision: Enablng and Securing the Enterprise
of the Future"
Richard Hollis,
Risk Factory

Adrian Barrett
Founder & CEO

Peter Wood,
First Base Technologies

03/2013 "Big Data - Real Opportunity or the Emperor's
New Clothes?"

"The Art of Incident Response"

"People vs. Technology: Why Criminals Continue
to Succeed"
Peter Wood,
First Base Technologies

Neil Hare-Brown

Peter Wood,
First Base Technologies

12/2012 "Your IPv6 Network"

"The Modern Surveillance Threat"

"Old Skool Hacker Panel - Christmas Special"
Dominic Roberts,
Network & Security Consultant,
Network Revolution

Jason Dibley
Technical Director
QCC Interscan Ltd

A panel of ethical hackers

10/2012 "ity, Silkworms and Bicycle Wheels"

"Technical Advances in Digital Forensics"

"DDoS Attacks: Coming to a Network Near You"
Bruce Hallas, Founder,
The Analogies Project and
Frank Wintle, Principal Consultant
PanMedia Ltd

John Douglas
Forensic Scientist
LangfordParc Digital Forensics Lab

Chris Ralph
Technical Account Manager
Coreo Network Security

06/2012 "A Salesmans's Guide to Social Engineering"

"Using Predictive Security for Effective Communication"

"Is the Future Secure?"
Gavin Ewan
Independent Security Researcher

Dan Buckley
Channel Sales Manager EMEA
Core Security Technologies

Des Ward
Principal Consultant
Business Secure Consulting Ltd

03/2012 "Tuning to a Different Key - Introducing
Weaknesses into Security Devices"

"Metasploit - A Penetration Testers View"

"Lies, Liars and Chancers"
Arron "Finux" Finnon
Security Researcher
Alba 13 Research Labs

Mike McLaughlin
Senior Penetration Tester
First Base Technologies LLP

Mike Neumann
ITS Training Ltd

12/2011 "Securing A Mobile Population"

"Making Enterprise Governance,
Risk & Compliance Work"

"From USB To Eternity"
Vladimir Jirasek
Head of Security Solutions
WorldPay (UK) Ltd

Adrian Wright
Secoda Risk Management Ltd

Keiron Northmore
First Base Technologies LLP
Mike McLaughlin
Penetration Tester
First Base Technologies LLP

10/2011 "APTs: Threats and Mitigation"

"PCI Compliance in the Cloud: Cutting Through The Fluff"

"Cyber Warfare the upcoming targets, what can we do?"
Andy Cunningham
Principal Security Architect
EMC Corporation

Richard Hollis
Orthus Ltd

Sarb Sembhi
Director - Client Services
Incoming Thought

06/2011 "Advanced Persistent Threats: Defensive Strategies"

"DNS Tunnelling: Its all in the name!"

"Raising The Security Bar: Enhanced Intrusion Prevention"
Peter Wood
First Base Technologies LLP

Arron "Finux" Finnon
Independent security consultant
and researcher, Finux

Anthony Haywood
Chief Technical Officer
idappcom Ltd

03/2011 "Security in the Virtualised Environment"

"Four Rebuilds and a Colossal Cyber Challenge"

"Avoid The Top 10 Mobile Application Attacks"
Peter Wood
First Base Technologies LLP

Andrew Clark
Primary Key Associates
Director & Trustee
The National Museum of Computing

Jason Steer
Solution Architect

12/2010 "The Penetration Testing Industry Comes of Age"

"Information Security For External Suppliers
- A Common Baseline"

"The Consumerisation of Corporate IT"
Ian Glover

Adrian Davis
Principal Research Analyst
Information Security Forum

Peter Wood
First Base Technologies LLP

10/2010 "Skills, Qualifications and Experience - How do we
measure these and what will we need in the future?"

"Life as a QFI"

"Maintaining Information Security in an Age of Austerity"
Ian Sutherland
Managing Director
Information Security Solutions

John Douglas
Technical Director
QCC Information Security

Peter Wood
First Base Technologies LLP

05/2010 "Delivering Security in a Complex Government Environment
from a Supplier's Perspective"

"SSL/TLS - Just when you thought it was safe to return"

"Everything you wanted to ask about security and the law
but were too afraid to ask"
Ian Aitken
Head of Security Operations

Arron Finnon
Independent Security Researcher

Jonathan Armstrong
Duanne Morris

02/2010 "The IISP Skills Framework"

"Tackling the Weakest Link"

"Cloud Computing Security Update"
Gerry O'Neill

Frank Wintle
PanMedia Ltd

Peter Wood
First Base Technologies

12/2009 "Developing The Human Firewall - Real World Examples"

"Social Networking Risks & The Underground Economy"
Peter Wood, Chief of Operations
First Base Technologies

Ian Cook
Security Evangelist
Team Cymru Research NFP

09/2009 "Biometrics & Access Control -
is that my hand in your pocket or...?"

"The History and Psychology of Hacking"
Adam Laurie and Andy Ritchie, Directors
Apterture Labs

Steve Gold
Technical Editor
Infosecurity Magazine

05/2009 "Bypassing authentication:
  New Web Application Attacks"

"Security and Control for the 'New Internet'"
Keiron Northmore
Partner & Head of Technical Services
Vishal Garg
Technical Services Manager
First Base Technologies

Nick Sears
FaceTime Communications Inc.

02/2009 "Data Integrity Attacks - Myth or Reality?"

"Life on The Inside"
Sarb Sembhi
Security Consultant & Researcher

Ed Gibson
Chief cyber Security Advisor
Microsoft Ltd

12/2008 "Blagging For Gold"

"Peer-to-Peer: The Unrecognised Risk"
Raj Samani
VP of Communications

Ian Cook
Security Evangelist
Team Cymru

09/2008 "Oracle Security Masterclass"

"Designing a Database Security Framework
for the Enterprise"
Pete Finnigan
Oracle Security Expert
Pete Finnigan

George Fyffe
Director of European Operations
Application Security, Inc

05/2008 "Revealing the Secrets of the e-Crime

"Emerging Threats: Applied Defence in Depth"
Maksym Schipka
Senior Architect

Lesley King
EMEA CSS Security
Incident Response Team

02/2008 "The PCI DSS Standard"

"Web Application Security Communities"
Paul Ferron
Managing Director Benelux

Ivan Ristic
Breach Security

09/2007 "RFID Security"

"Defining the scope and magnitude of VoIP
Security Threats"
Adam Laurie
Freelance Security Consultant
rfidiot org

Peter Cox
SIP Services Europe Ltd

06/2007 "How to Steal an Identity"

"ID Cards, Management, Purpose
and Effectiveness"
Richard Hollis
Orthus Ltd

Sir Merlin Serald Victor
Gilbert Hay
24th Earl of Erroll

03/2007 "Attacking Smart Cards: Some Gory Details"

"Computer-Assisted Audit Techniques
Software: How Does It Help IT Security?"
Tony Boswell
Principal Consultant

Tim Foster-Key
Information System Assurance
Senior Manager
Grant Thornton UK LLP

12/2006 "Surely you can't be serious!
You want to connect what to the database!?"

"Changing the value perception of security"
Dr Steve Moyle
Chief Technology Officer

Des Ward
Senior Security
Assurance Specialist
Legal & General

09/2006 "VoIP - circuit-switched heaven
to packet-based hell?"

"Using a laptop to hack the corporate
Peter Wood
First Base Technologies

05/2006 "Bluetooth Hacking - The State of The Art"

"Social Engineering Case Study - Andy is
Adam Laurie
The Bunker Secure Hosting

Peter Wood & Andy Wilson
First Base Technologies

01/2006 "Threat Modelling for Web Applications"

"Google - Your Friend or a Hacker's?"
Ivan Ristic
Thinking Stone

Peter Wood
First Base Technologies

10/2005 "Steganography & Steganalysis:
Finding the Needle in a Haystack"

"Fighting Cybercrime"
Vince Gallo &
Richard Whitehead

Ed Gibson
Chief Security Advisor
Microsoft UK

07/2005 "Where is the Hacking Threat Coming From"

"An Ethical Hacker on DDOS Attacks"
Des Ward

Peter Wood
First Base Technologies

04/2005 "Internal Penetration Testing - Case Studies"

"Legal Issues Online"
Peter Wood
First Base Technologies

Nigel Miller
Fox Williams

01/2005 "Identity Management" John Stewart

Adam Westbrooke
Firstcourt Ltd

10/2004 "Integrated Compliance Management" John Sherwood
Sherwood Associates

10/2004 "The Modern Surveillance Threat -
do you want to take part in Big Brother?"
Jason Dibley & Neil Hare-Brown
QCC Interscan

06/2004 "Database Security - 'orrible Access:
The SeQueL"
Jack Hembrough
Application Security, Inc

03/2004 "Black Hats pork out at Spammers'
John Lyons

12/2003 "War Dialing - Who ya gonna Call?" Peter Wood
First Base Technologies

09/2003 "IDS - How to get it to Really Work" Mark Osborne

06/2003 "Web Application Hacking: are you
exposing your backend?"
ir. Erwin Geirnaert

02/2003 "Can your Firewall Rules Take The Heat?" Chris Ralph
Blade Software

11/2002 "Wireless networks - war driving and
war chalking"
Simon Gunning

08/2002 "How to carry out your own social
engineering attacks and learn from them"
Peter Wood
First Base Technologies

05/2002 "How to hack your NT/W2K network from
the inside"
Peter Wood
First Base Technologies
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